Something In Common

bringing quality SINGLE PEOPLE in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s together.

Galia Pennekamp is on a shared journey with you to get back in the game, the old fashioned way, in person! Her company, SOMETHING IN COMMON provides its members with organic and fun ways to meet and offers matchmaking and customized private and group coaching.
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Galia believes in the power of community and in face-to-face connections. She is creating a space for people to be vulnerable and courageous.  Her goal for Something in Common members is to manifest deeper connections filled with more honesty, creativity, inspiration, and authenticity.

Galia will be thrilled if people find friendship, companionship, a travel partner, a spouse or a lover. But most of all, she wants everyone to feel less alone and more connected.



working with businesses, schools, non-profits, and community groups offering her expertise in the areas of:

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Galia Pennekamp is a matchmaker and a relationship and dating coach, and she plans extraordinary events for professional singles. She is a connector, a maven and an advocate who resides in her hometown, Miami, Florida.
She uses the wealth of her life experiences to teach others how to shift their perspective and to literally step out of their home and into a world of possibilities. By building community and changing the rules of the game, Galia is helping singles in South Florida have fun and make connections.  Galia uses her own life as a living example to show others that happiness and living your best life comes from giving yourself permission to dream big, fail with grace, get back up again and choose differently– all in the name of love, freedom, fun, service, and experience!