and make meaningful connections

SOMETHING IN COMMON, is a private, client -only service offering discerning singles access to other single quality people, interesting venues and worthwhile experiences.
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SOMETHING IN COMMON’s clients are its greatest asset. Our Client-first approach influences the venues we select and the activities we offer. Everything we do is designed to make meeting people easy, fun and pleasant. Our clients value excellence and meaningful connections, and that is exactly what we give them.

How Does It Work?

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When you are on the list you receive:


  • Personalized email invitations to all the singles events planned throughout the year (In an effort to continuously attract quality singles to the list,  events may also be advertised on Social Media and Eventbrite).
  • Reminders and Text messages as event approaches.
  • Quarterly newsletter containing tips, information and inspiration for singles.
  • Special access and discount codes to other South Florida activities
  • A complimentary 20 min call with Dating & Relationship Coach Galia Pennekamp
  • An opportunity to share your feedback and ideas and help to make the SOMETHING IN COMMON List  the best LIst to be on.
  • Access to the SOMETHING IN COMMON Network of Experts, a curated network of professionals and services you want or need. Providers with integrity, creativity and attention to detail. We maintain excellent relationships, offer expert local knowledge and passionately go the extra mile.  Most Network Experts offer Members discounts and VIP service.
  • Access to Facebook Members only Private page (coming soon)

In this start-up stage, it costs only $60 to be on the list ($5 a month to be informed and invited to interesting events with great single people). The best part, for those who join now, you will be grandfathered in and will not have to pay again.

Event prices vary, some will be free and others will have a charge.

Once you are on the list or become a coaching client , you get access to the SOMETHING IN COMMON Network of Experts. This network, which we call the Best Personal Lifestyle Team consists of stylists, personal trainers, psychologists, divorce coaches, doctors, party planners, love coaches, lawyers, accountants, interior designers, realtors, photographers, writing coaches, organizers, dog walkers, errand do-ers and more! Basically, all your excuses for not dating or living your best life, can be solved by accessing the Network!  This curated team of providers with high integrity, creativity and attention to detail offer you expert knowledge and passionately go the extra mile.  We lead busy lives and this network is here to anticipate your needs, negotiate exclusive savings and deliver the highest level of personal service.

Are you ready to discover your inner spark and share it with others?